I'm Willing to Perform My Duty Faithfully

Heart’s Voice of a Created Human – “I’m Willing to Perform My Duty Faithfully” (Music Video)

Dear practical God, You do love me,lifting me from the dunghill, judging me with Your word.I’ve been purified, now I live a life of happiness.From the bottom of my heart, I felt You raised me up. Dear practical God,I’ll love You all my life, have my duty faithfully fulfilled. God You never shun from me for my foolishness.You always think of me, keeping me in Your heart.Ignoring how I disobeyed, trying hard to save me. Expecting I can soon be changed into a new one.Dear practical God, I’ll love You all my life, have my duty faithfully fulfilled.

God’s True Love

Love God Forever | Praise and Worship “God’s True Love”

Listen! The singing is overflowing with joy and happiness.
Look! The dance is imbued with vitality and vigor.
God’s chosen people are praising God in a simple, lively, and liberated manner to express their gratitude for Him. They enjoy the watering and feeding of God’s word, help and sustain each other, and get gradual growth in life. Inspired by God’s love, they go forward shoulder by shoulder, hand in hand, rise up amidst numerous failures and frustrations, and finally struggle free from the influence of Satan. Now, they gather together joyfully singing and dancing to praise God, perform their duty in united harmony, so as to repay God’s true love for them.

Song of Sweet Love

Experience God’s True Love | Praise and Worship “Song of Sweet Love” | The Church of Almighty God

Follow You in love, I’m close to You; happiness fills You and me.
Clear about Your will, just obey You, unwilling to disobey You.
I will live before You more than ever, can’t be away from You again.
Thinking about and tasting Your words, I love what You have, what You are.
I want You to be my life. I’ll let You take my heart.
I love You. I’ve been conquered by Your love,
so I am lucky to be made complete to satisfy Your heart.